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ACC Cycling Challenge 2023

2023 Augusta County Cycling Challenge

Welcome to the second annual Augusta County Cycling Challenge sponsored by The Augusta Cycling Club (ACC). Our goal with this challenge is to get everyone out for rides in our beautiful area. You do not have to be a member of Augusta Cycling Club to participate, but there will be some perks if you join! * Please note ACC is only associated with and sponsoring the Tour de Valley Ride. All other rides listed below are local rides we are not associated with, but are rides we want to encourage participation in by starting this challenge. Details of the challenge are as follows: You must sign up for and participate in our county event rides: Stable Craft Century - May 27th 2023 Lee Warren Queen City Century - June 17th 2023 Tour de Valley - September 2nd 2023 Valley Veteran’s Ride for Heroes - TBD Shenandoah Fall Foliage Bike Festival - October 20-22 2023 (Saturday main event ride) You may ride any distance to accumulate miles for the following: Free 500 Mile finisher’s jersey that denotes your accomplishment of completing all 5 Augusta County rides in addition to 15 hours of volunteer service to Augusta Cycling Club. There will be an added bonus at this level to be determined. Free 400 Mile finisher’s jersey that denotes your accomplishment of completing all the rides in addition to 10 hours of volunteer service to Augusta Cycling Club 1/2 Price (of cost) 300 Mile finisher’s jersey that denotes your accomplishment of completing all the rides in addition of 5 hours volunteer service to Augusta Cycling Club Purchase jersey (at cost) for completing all the rides a participant jersey for any mileage accumulation under 300 miles and requires no volunteer service In addition to participating in all the event rides, challenge participants may accumulate additional miles participating in weekly Augusta Cycling Club sponsored rides. So for example, I am participating in the 400 mile challenge. To accumulate my miles I ride 25 miles at each event (25x4=100). I then accumulate my additional miles by riding weekly club rides totaling 300 miles over the entire ride season. I then participate in 2-3 club volunteer activities (road clean up, fund raiser, club committee) and accumulate my 10 hours of volunteer service. I get a FREE 400 mile Jersey! Participants must register at: We will need you to enter your name, address, phone number and email address when you register on our website. Participants who register must provide proof of payment and participation in each of the event rides. Proof of mileage can be submitted via Garmin, Wahoo, bike computer, Strava, Ride with GPS or the UA app. may be submitted to any club official to be documented. Participation in Augusta Cycling Club sponsored rides requires signing a one time waiver. Club membership is not required, but we will credit your first 25 miles for signing up or already being a member! Enjoy a safe riding season and get some great benefits for participating in rides you already know and love. We look forward to seeing you on the roads.

Wade Craig Executive, Augusta Cycling Club

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